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It’s a Tuesday morning after my landlady told me,

Mike, you are lazy. It’s not breakfast time. It’s lunch.

She’s industrious and works hard at many jobs. She’s a good mom, wife, business owner and always has time to help me. She will call places for me when I need help with language challenges, tell me where I should buy things, and she tells me to eat better. She’s my mom too I guess. So today I paid rent and talked with her a bit about her trip to Hoi An. She always asks where I’m going next in Vietnam and if I need anything.

Then I went for pho which like I’ve said is a wonder drug. I decided to have coffee at Truc Bach Lake outside and stopped at ⭕️ K. The Vietnamese ca phe sua da is 14k VND for the large size. It’s made fresh as I order and I take to the lake.

Now I find myself suitably positioned on a park bench at 11am. The lake is always in turn quiet and moving and shining and not. It’s a reasonable place for me. Since I’m lazy and find myself with naught to do but enjoy a gradually warming spring morning. I think springtime is a good time to do some rebirth of things. Get rid of old things that maybe still hang around trapped in some dusty synapse. Tap into them. Look at them. Keep some. Let some go. In meditation recently I learned we can have three forces in a practice. These are,

  1. Concentration
  2. Clarity
  3. Equanimity

Apply those as much to the practice as to spring cleaning. Dust out those cobwebs. Let go and keep as you see fit. People, narratives, ideas, emotions, fears. All the drivers we have. We can’t get rid of them but we can apply the three things to them.

In the end there is no end. There’s now and it’s springtime. And there’s a lake and coffee. A park bench and moments that last as I want them to.

Yeah Van. I’m lazy. Hahaha. But I ate. One out of two ain’t bad. 😇

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