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Creating content on Thursday

It’s Thursday morning so let’s create some questionable content on the blog. Some words lined up next to each other from my nice markdown editor. I don’t really have a platform or desire or need to write a single thing. I don’t set some goal or write on my daily condition. I don’t really have a condition that is daily or otherwise.

I also don’t do this to journal or record or find or lose. I do this to create. Because words next to other are like the rock art paintings we would find. One by itself could be nice but I always felt those that had content next provided another word in anthropology.


We can place things into context by the things we find around other things. Writing here in daily life I try to use images to anchor my own feelings. To record a cold beer or that bowl of pho and to create some kind of context around the content.

Perhaps a throwback to my days of looking for context. But a word all by itself on a page seems mighty lonely. It needs its next door neighbors to give it the next or previous idea or thought or feeling. Like the human figure hunting with the animal pictured or placing big palm prints above smaller ones. It’s the context some would say. An archeologist friend would tell me finding a single Folsom projectile point tells nothing. Finding it embedded in a bison on a river draw in Clovis New Mexico tells you so much more. Like findings words next to each other.

Like creating content on Thursday morning.

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