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Day of the mobile

It’s been a few days now just using the iPhone 12 Pro as my only device. I had purchased a MacBook Air with Apple silicon but i decided not to go back to the US so it went to my daughter. I looked last night again at them. It’s easy to get one here. Down the street is a shop that sells different MacBooks.

I realized that this would not work for me over beers in my room. I don’t want multiple devices. So I looked at what I do.

  1. Reading stuff on the web using safari.
  2. Reading news on Apple news.
  3. Photography using the iPhone 12 Pro and editing the photographs with darkroom and raw power iOS apps.
  4. Social media sharing on mastodon, on my blog, on Facebook and finally uploading to smugmug.
  5. YouTube videos and audiobooks using LibriVox.

That’s it. I don’t track my time, have tasks. I don’t have responsibilities or do any kind of technology stuff. Nothing that needs a bigger screen. When I retired it all went away. I lost interest in Linux and data centers and the cloud years ago. I just don’t care any longer. I just want my stuff present with no effort. So I don’t need multiple clouds when iCloud works fine. Don’t need to SSH to anything.

It’s the day of the mobile for me and it works for my uses perfectly. Of course, if you work, have things you must do you may need other stuff. I don’t work. And I don’t need other stuff. I’ve reached the day of the mobile and I ain’t going back.

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