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Dinner out

I was fortunate a year ago to make some wonderful Vietnamese friends. We did many wonderful dinners out. Everything from hotpot to Korean bbq and pizza. Hamburgers and American bbq. Then my friend C got pregnant and she had to not exert or stress herself. So for months C stayed home and then three months ago she had her beautiful baby.

Tonight I got to go out again with all of them for Vietnamese food. We had shrimp cakes, salads, and fish hotpot. And beer and lots of laughs and gentle teasing. I got to see the baby. Spend time catching up with them. Amazing that a year ago I went to their wedding celebration. Hundreds of people and me the only old retired expat.

Tonight though at the last minute I was invited for dinner. Wonderful. These friends are the real thing. We talk mostly English but when Vietnamese is spoken C will translate for me. All my friends have wonderful English language skills.

Now I’m home. I bought some beer. My intent is to drink some beer and revel in life. This life of this moment. I could ask for no more than what I have been freely given. Thank you C and everyone tonight. Good times.

But hey this is Vietnam. Would not expect anything less.

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