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morning meditations

I’m usually up almost awake by 8am. Hanoi is a very busy and oftentimes noisy city. Now we have demolition of a building going on. The mornings have not been time for a meditation or yoga practice for me. Don’t know why not. So today I decided to change that up. In so doing I learned some things.

  1. Doing 10 to 15 minutes in the morning is nice. It’s not the classic reasons like balance or arriving. It’s seeing my morning. Listening inside and out. Finding my way to a bit of equanimity.
  2. I could not plan or schedule it for every morning. I don’t do that. I prefer random acts and my brain rebels against schedules. So the unplanned moments of mindfulness are the best.
  3. I don’t dwell on things needing solutions or impose any kind of real order to the practice. I just feel my way to things. There’s a concept called a home base or focus point. Often it’s the breath. I don’t like the breath. I like whatever it is that grabs me. Sometimes the cool morning breeze or the hum of the fan or AC in my room. Other times its sinking down. Down to the world. To the earth below. Feeling tied to the earth yet free.

There is more of it and it comes and goes with whatever alacrity I can summon. But it’s the morning and meditation in the morning let’s me find nothing. Because I am not looking for things. If you want a thing, don’t look. If you need it, it will find you. 😊

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