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walking to my home in Hanoi

There's a few ways to walk to get to my home in Hanoi. Both offer views of Tay Ho District where I live just a bit different looks. Here's a few view of the streets

Nothing has really changed for the day to day photography in Hanoi for me except we have more community cases of the virus so restaurants are closed for dining in now. It's also the summertime in Hanoi so temperatures will go up to about 40 some days and then will drop off again to low 30s and more rainy.

I also still take all the photographs with an iPhone 12 Pro which scratches my itch. Most of the images are in ProRAW format and I edit them a bit afterwards. The iPhone is a lot of fun to record the day to day things like walking home or visiting the downtown areas.

I'll be posting more city photographs since I'm always impressed by the variety of things in the city. Take care all.

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