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My Kindle Goes where I go most times

My Kindle Goes where I go most times. I don't read a lot but sometimes when I go to a park here in Hanoi, I can sit under a tree with it and the world seems to just stop. Except for me, the kindle and the tree kindly looking after me. I have always been impressed with words. From then to now when I read. I enjoy movies but reading when I read seems like a time and space travel thing to me. And the kindle is the transport device. Almost like a magical carpet ride that transcends it all. Now I am reading this work because I enjoy the grand sweep of history but I like it retouched a bit. Like an artist takes a work perhaps and decides to make a change and its their work. Change is inevitable and I remember what my mentor and archeologist once told me,

there's nothing so constant as change

Of course, he also told me,

archeology! The most fun you can have with your pants on

Sometimes that time and space swirls a bit and I remember sitting at a fire north and east of Barstow California. The Mojave Desert making wonderful and mysterious night noises and the warm Budweiser beers opening and stories designed to scare the Hell out of us being told.

The fire was also a time and space mechanism because it has persisted to these days sitting under a tree or in my room reading on my kindle. Fire and beer and people. A girl singing David Bowie walking through the Eldorado National Forest because a Forest ranger told us bears respected music and to sing loudly. I kinda doubt that but it was fun listening to her punching out the songs.

The kindle goes on. And on. The books simply never-ending. Wonderful. Same with the memories.

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