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Slowing down

We must slow down It seems. Getting old means finding some park bench outside some senior center in some city in some country. And then what. We even go slower than slowing down. In fact it all stops. Now I sit in Vietnamese coffee shop with morning ca phe sua and I puzzle this slowing down. My friend AFT shared a story with me about how Harland Sanders started KFC at 65 years old. Some would say his life was just about done and it was time to find the park bench. Sit a spell. Watch some city spin around.

Then I decided at some advanced age to dip my toe in the pool of startups in Vietnam. AFT was excited and positive. Told me age is a false boundary to challenge. Vietnam is hungry for new things. Perhaps like the bubble back in the 1990s when I joined several Linux and open source startups. But this is different. Now we have a pandemic which has threatened traditional methods of life and work.

Instead of slowing down I found a passion which was all the time missing in 20 years of IT. Now I can move at the speed of passion. Not slow or fast. Not going to get there. Walking to find the steps and not the destination.

Never did like slow. Never liked goals and responsibilities and timelines and schedules. Now I use some skills I once learned managing multiple multi million dollar cloud projects. That was no passion so it’s gone. I slowed that down to nothing.

Let’s not slow down or speed up. Let’s go at the speed of all we want and need and desire. Passion is not slowing down or speeding up. It’s the kiss of destiny full on your lips and you loved the intimate touch.

On to new things. An LLC in a few weeks. Steps. Some baby. Some forward. Some backwards. Others sideways. Just like in real life.

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