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Evening beer interlude

Tonight I went to dinner with my Vietnamese friend Joy. Joy lived in the US for years so she is bilingual. We talked about food a lot and of course Vietnam. We had some tea together first and then a small Vietnamese place for duck and vermicelli noodles. Quite good and hearty. Almost street food. We sat at small blue tables and chairs like you may see in pictures here. The food is cheap and plentiful. The bowl of noodles was a little over $1.00. The beer brought the price up to about $1.50.

Then we walked back home. Joy lives on the second floor and I live on the 4th.

We stopped at a small store so I could get some beer. Then came home.

And then it rained! And it rained with some authority. And it still rains now. I sit outside almost listening and watching the show. Lightning flashes the sky and thunder sounds like far away drumbeats. The rain cascades down and I can hear it hitting aluminum roofs and flashing in night lights. It’s a peaceful and chaotic feeling all at once. The beer is cold though and the rain gets heavy and then lessens.

If you have been to Southeast Asia you know how it rains here. With authority and power and it wants your attention. Often for 30 minutes or so.

Now it still rains and my beer is cold. The iPhone plays some music. Perhaps time to sit and just be the human side of the equation. To listen to the rain in the summertime.

That is all.

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