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hamburgers in Hanoi

I like hamburgers. I like finding places that offer different burgers and trying them. Hanoi has a wonderful potpourri of food. Especially burgers. Tonight I go to an all time favorite where the burgers lean. A good burger I think will always lean. If the burger only stands straight up it’s not legal. It’s a wannabe burger. Toppings should scramble off the sides and get on your hands. Bbq sauce should run down the sides like a little volcano. The service should be basic and the burger should not be. Sunkats has this ethic. Witness the evidence.

Now you should never rush to finish or start. Stay at the place with burger untouched. Admire its wonderful proportions. See how the fries adorn the plate.

The cheap beer should be cold. Each should complement the other.

Yes. Hamburgers in Hanoi. Pleased to meet you.

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