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Raining and Dinner

Last night was a lot of fun. By the time I got home I was completely soaked. While I was eating dinner at the Indian restaurant the wind started. First sign of rain but this time the wind got really intense and the restaurant closed the windows. In Hanoi most restaurant seating by the lakes are in the open even at nicer restaurants. At FoodShop 45 one sits looking out over the Truc Bach Lake.

Really beautiful and I get spoiled with sitting and watching the various colors move from day to night. Last night though wow! I decided to walk home and got completely soaked. I have never felt so alive as with the rain and puddles and even the cars splashing me.

back home then

I had been looking at moving back to Ulysses for the writing parts including producing business plans in markdown and even creating slide decks using Markdown and this cool presentation app called DeckSet. It will take Markdown files and make them into nice and basic slides. I don’t need PowerPoint so something basic is nice.

The nice thing about Ulysses for me is the structure and organization and I like the writing on it. The business related plans are all shorter and I can export them in the format useful for whatever sharing I wish to do. At some point in a few weeks, this will become more important for the business. Because then I will get the two documents that make my business legal in Vietnam. With these two, the doors open wider to things like networking with traditional companies, Vietnamese ministry offices like tourism and immigration, and also networking with other businesses. Also in two weeks I can produce the fruits of my labors so to speak. So all these things were rolling around in my mind last night after drying off a bit and hanging up my drenched clothing on the clothes line upstairs.

now its now

I like how that works 😀. A friend asked me to start writing again and I forgot to mention I had. Now its also morning and its like the wild weather last night never existed. Sun is shining and cool winds come and go. I can hear horns honking from the nearby street and the sounds of construction. Hanoi is a busy city and always building or tearing down something to make room for another thing. I can sit in my little room and listen to it all. Sometimes I hear the bicycle vendors calling out their offerings. Many I buy fresh fruit from. I can get wonderful pineapple, mangos, rambutan, and others from them. They have little scales they weigh the purchase with. I will take a picture one time of one of them. I can also buy shirts shoes, socks, t shirts, underwear, shorts, pants from vendors if I want. Language is not a requirement. Take a thing and they will show you on their calculator or phone how much.

And that’s how it is now. As usual I am a walking contradiction. Partly truth and partly fiction. I think that’s from an old song  perhaps its this one. Yep!

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