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seeing Sunny when its sunny

My Vietnamese friend Sunny is in Hanoi for some paperwork I gather. I have not seen her for about 3 years give or take a month. I met her in 2018 in Da Nang. Kind of the coalescence of a city, pizza, and another friend. In this case, the city was my favorite place Da Nang. Its a beautiful city.Some call it the Pearl of Vietnam or the Singapore of Vietnam. Tradition says there are three pagodas in a triangle with Da Nang in the middle so disasters never happen. The pizza occurred an evening meeting Sunny and her boy friend at this wonderful Italian restaurant and ordering up a few pizzas. We sat there talking about traveling, life and Da Nang. Its a city that’s easy to love.

The beautiful Pink Church in Da Nang.

The beautiful riverwalk area at night. Isn’t Da Nang just lovely!

Walking the city always makes me want to walk more in the city. I could go on. Perhaps one of the most famous of recent tourist attractions is an hour or so out of Da Nang. Known as golden bridge, it lives up in the BaNa Hills.

Here’s the Golden Bridge.

But the person really responsible was the last part of the coalescence. My friend Anan introduced me to Sunny while I lived in Da Lat Vietnam awhile. So Da Lat is beautiful all on its own of course and I would be remiss to not include a shot of the city in the Central Highlands. Known for cooler temperatures, coffee, wonderful nature, and food. It was a getaway for the French to escape the heat of Saigon way back when.

So Anan brought us all together. I left Da Lat and went somewhere. I think then to Da Nang where Sunny waited to hear from me.

Then I lost track of Sunny completely for years. Finally I asked Anan to please give me Sunny’s Facebook profile link. Happily the coalescence was complete and all felt like we had closed that loop.

and now

I will see Sunny today for the first time. She asked me to travel on with her to Ninh Binh where Anan lives now but its not a good time for me to go. The business beckons and I feel I should remain here and ensure the final paperwork and steps can be done with me in Hanoi. Yep, we are getting closer and of course excitement prevails. My Vietnamese friends message me quite excited about the business including Anan and Sunny.

Before I go see Sunny I must make a trip to a Barbershop I visit. Known as The Fool Barbers its a fun journey down the street with a beautiful name and careful and precise barbers that take good care of old retired guys and joke a lot in the process.

And that’s the end of this story about a coalescence of things and places and people.

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