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Leaving here; going there

Wow! In a week or so I leave. I was looking back and last year in January and February visited the US. I ended up riding Amtrak from Oakland to Austin, Texas and then Orlando Florida to New York, New York to Chicago, and then to Seattle. I spent a final week in San Francisco and then flew to Hanoi.

Now I go back so I did a few things. Found myself a place to stay for 3 weeks on Airbnb and also signed up for both doses of the Pfizer vaccine down the street from where I am staying. I will spend 3 weeks and days in California and then will go.

What I decided to do was buy the Amtrak USA Rail Pass. This gives me 10 segments over 30 days to play.

So I started working on the segments for fun. I have not ridden two routes yet on Amtrak so I'll ride this next time from Emeryville California and then stop at about 5 places until I stop in Chicago. Then will ride the train back going through New Mexico and Arizona to finally stop in Los Angeles. That will be 10 segments in hopefully the number of days they give.

After Los Angeles is likely heading south to Mexico for months since there is visa free travel there and I get 6 months to do nothing there. Its too hard really to plan anything so I have always really adopted the "no plan plan" that lets me change anything at a whim.

Fun stuff!

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