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Moving along it seems

I found a basic truth yesterday for me. I was sitting at a coffee shop here in Hanoi with a cold drink they make I especially like. The sun shone down on the lake. The Swan boats were captive but restive. They want feet on the pedals. They want to move along the lake to see the far shore of Truc Bach Lake. Far off to their side away from the place they are locked. Perhaps they watch the young people come in to rent. I can imagine them calling out,

me too! Take me to some far shore. I am swan boat but I have desires and feelings and passions

I don't think really they do but it fuels an already fertile imagination and a desire to write a thing or two about moving along. I've felt for a long time I am not meant to suffer along in one place. Sometimes though the chain and lock holding me down is almost invisible but it still holds fast. Now that I am ready to leave Vietnam it seems that some custodian of my spirit and soul unlocked the fetters and cast them off. I imagine that custodian saying with glee and some sadness,

there! You are free to move along

Much like the swans tied to their tether I too have been tied to a tether. Mine is less visible than the chain and lock and more solitary. Sitting though in the coffee shop I could see that merely sitting in one place will never be enough. My friend Mikka once told me to just go. Wander somewhere. It does not really matter where.

Slipping the tether in Vietnam is so easy and so hard. I've loved the time spent living and finding a home here but its one of the things that both hold me and tie me down.

So little really to own in a life spent according to my own whims and desires. A road that slowly takes me. Somewhere. Down some road to some new moments. No destinations. No passport stamps for their own sake.

Ok swans. I cannot set you free to roam the lake but I can set myself free.

To move along it seems.

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