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Flying to Narita

In the friendly skies. Airplane is about 15% full if that. Signed up for WiFi package so I could bother you all. Another few hours to Narita. It took me about 2 hours to get through all the stuff and then get to my gate. To get a boarding pass one needs tue Covid test letter. It has to match exactly the passport info. They check very carefully. JAL treating us nice.

The last time I was in Narita was over a year ago right before Covid came around. I got the 90 day exemption for US passport holders and went to my hotel right outside the airport. Can’t really leave the transit area in Narita now or I have to isolate and quarantine. They will also check the attested document I signed in Hanoi for negative Covid test results. So I will sit for some hours or see if I can use the terminal 2 capsule hotel.

We are over China now. Not sure what city that is.

After waiting until I’m done waiting I will fly 9 hours back to California. And get in before I leave Narita.

We also get breakfast in a few hours.

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