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Back in California

Interesting to be back in the US again. Last night I went out a few times but I was pretty tired after having two July 10th's since I crossed over and got the hours back and the exhaustion. I went to a few malls since California is open and it was nice seeing people out shopping, eating, socializing. Most people wear masks here even when vaccinated. I had to buy some warmer clothing since in Daly City its cooler. Also had dinner at one of the malls at a food court and just watched the people so clearly enjoying the freedom to be out moving again.

Today is breakfast out at an American breakfast restaurant. That means the classic eggs and bacon and potatoes and toast thing! Yippee!

I'm here for about three weeks and two vaccinations. The first vaccination is tomorrow in the morning at a Walgreen's Pharmacy with an appointment. I get the Pfizer vaccine. I don't really have things to accomplish here besides the vaccines and seeing my kids and ex-wife again.

I will go into SF one of these days and walk around the city again. I enjoy walking by the Embarcadero there and sometimes end up down where I used to work for the GAP on Harrison Street.

Moving around now with Bart transit is much easier since I can use apple wallet on my iPhone to trigger the clipper card and also refresh the balance using Apple Pay. Very handy for stuff.

Uber is not über cool. I don't particularly enjoy either of the ride hailing apps we have. Would really rather have Grab since using it was a joy compared to the sometimes brain dead Uber iPhone app. But I guess I do uber. At least yesterday I did because I was tired.

Back in Vietnam

I get messages from my friends Paul and Duyen there. More restrictions for movement in Can Tho City. The fourth covid wave is the worst by far for Southeast Asia as a whole. I have no doubt Vietnam will manage this but when Paul and I talked before I left, the feeling was it will take longer. The spirit and indomitable nature of the Vietnamese people will beat this bullshit virus and I wish and hope for life to go back as the social and gregarious Vietnamese people enjoy it sooner rather than later. I miss Hanoi a lot even with only one day under my belt here. The ease of getting around, buying things, the neighborhood. As an example, buying a can of beer. Since when did it get so difficult to find a store to buy a can of beer. I can get a six pack of beer easy. I wanted to buy two cans of beer to take back to my Airbnb. Why don't stores sell single cans of beer? They sell Pepsi and coke.

The whole thing about life here will take awhile to get used to. Life is simply easier for old retired guys like me in Vietnam. But, I am back for a bit in the US. So I will enjoy it.

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