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Jet lag and vaccine blues

Perhaps jet lag is enhanced getting old. I suspect it is. I end up being quite tired early on and then waking early in the morning. The Airbnb here is dramatically different mornings than in Hanoi. Very quiet almost all the time. No roosters, horns, bicycle vendors. It creates an almost too peaceful scene. I guess I got used to the random and sometimes chaotic Hanoi mornings. Maybe even enjoyed the moments in the morning with coffee in the room listening. My neighbor killing chickens. The bun cha restaurant bringing in so many customers. The lady selling the really sweet mangoes calling from her motorbike.

Here quiet reigns supreme in the mornings. Perhaps a bit boring but I also appreciate the solitude it brings. I can sit in my room and almost hear the fog forever roll in. There is no sun here. I have not seen the sun for days being here. It’s July and the temps are always in the 50s and it has this moist and cold feeling.

I still walk every day. There’s hills here I appreciate. Nice to go up and then down the hills.

vaccine blues

Not really bad. I have had arm pain which I did yoga around and that helped. I think yin yoga helps with everything. The long hold positions bring the response I like. I also still walk but one of the other few after affects was tiredness. Combined with jet lag it kinda wiped me out although I do believe the pancakes helped. I think pancakes often help. Night before last I also had chills and a slight fever I think.

Those are the only side affects from the first dose of Pfizer for me. My arm stopped being sore sometime late yesterday. I truly believe just continuing the walking plus yoga plus meditation has helped with the tiredness and slight pains.

After today will be going on the Bart and perhaps Caltrain to some places. I wanted to relax and give myself time to get used to the time zone changes.

My conclusion with both jet lag and vaccine blues is not to change the daily activity at least for me. The walking and either yin or restorative yoga helps a lot. Meditation always seems to give me the okay in every day.

Now it’s another early quiet morning. Soon will decide to make some instant coffee and have a pastry and banana. Then will walk in some new direction from my Airbnb. I have a little over 2 weeks before leaving California. I don’t know I will be back to stay. I hope to see my daughter but she has had issues at home so who knows. When I leave it’s on Amtrak going toward Chicago slowly. Stop by stop I want to take. Then back on another route the same way. Then I leave the US. I’ll be glad to go. There is nothing here for me. I don’t quite know where but I know sadly it’s not back to Southeast Asia. No Malaysia or Cambodia or Vietnam. Such is life. So I find another place for an old retired guy to spend months. I don’t like planning before or setting any goals for a thing. So I just go. Or change it all. Come to think of it, I do have a plan. It’s called,

Leave here and go there

And most of all enjoy the going and not the arriving.

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