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Breakfast Out with Bill

Today was a breakfast morning planned with my old friend Bill. Bill and I go way back to the .com days working at Linux startups and blogging companies like Technorati. At one point @mikka worked there too. I think we missed each other. Amazing memories of the blogging then. Talking with Bill was fun. We remembered rushing to the Mission data center to reboot mysql database servers at midnight and the drunks would offer to watch our car for us when we ran in. Sometimes along with us was Ian remotely. He'd ssh in and help us find some issues because Ian was that good with servers and Linux and databases. He did not have to be there physically. It led to another memory of this guy we worked with who is now a distinguished engineer named Anton Blanchard at IBM who wrote a wifi driver without having the device with him. Amazing show by a guy in a hotel room with two nights to spare and the device logs.

Bill and I both remembered some of the Linux stars we were lucky enough to work with like Andrew Tridgell. Tridge happened to write the rsync protocol and co-developed Samba. I hauled Tridge around in a car and we'd drink beer together and talk. Wonderful and funny person. So many others too I was honored to work around and with. David Desrosiers who can write in whatever the language of the day is and was fun to walk over to the bar right by Linuxcare's offices.

So all this is grist for the time mill you know. Linux came and went and we supported Sun Microsystems and Dell and IBM and so many. I worked at a strategic relationship with Dell over preloading and certifying Linux on many of their desktop lines. This was in 2001 or so.

Breakfast is always a memory trot with Bill. All the times with Linux and open source and the companies that have come and gone. Even how we have come and gone with Linux. We are both retired now and that's the latest discussion topic. We compared notes about the difficulties at changing our lives out. For him as a worker in many different settings around welding and elevator repair to before working around Linux in data centers. For me, 20 years of Program Management first around Linux and then around huge cloud programs. It leaves one with a mark and its hard to just stop. It took Bill months to stop and realize that life was more than working around the trades and doing Linux. For me, it was the 18 hour days on the phone with CIOs and VPs and managers and partners and vendors and identity management, global security, global networking, etc.

We figured it all cooled off though and each time we have met when I wander through California, we have more space. For him more recently. For me, sitting in a Starbucks in Tokyo Japan years ago realizing I had nowhere to go, nothing to be, and no plans or goals. And thus was born the no plan plan.

Thanks Bill and Mikka. So many people touched our breakfast that were not there but your memories and times were. Because that's how our breakfasts are. Coffee and people. Laughs and some tears. We never ask what happened. What we do ask is what will happen now and I believe for both of us its all good. Bill goes in one direction. Me in another.

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