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Instant Coffee in the mornings rally thoughts all day long

When I got here I decided in the mornings some Folgers instant coffee would be good. I am not a coffee snob although some may dispute it because while living in Vietnam I assuredly went to the ca phe sua da route and I miss the whole social thing with it. I went to a Starbucks yesterday in Fremont California and it was sad. The coffee itself was only so so and the environment was about as lively as a down day in Hanoi last year during the full lock down and social distancing. Just nothing that energized or made me glad to go. No armchair anthropologist arriving so instead I watched the two police officers come and go. The chairs are all separated with social distancing in mind which is Mike approved.

It reminds me of many of the shops and stores and even restaurants here in California. Many have signs up telling you to stop at the door until invited in. When I got my SIM card at T-Mobile it was the same. I stopped at the door while the three customer service reps were helping customers and then a person invited me in for what I needed. Many restaurants do the same thing here. I think it is smart and safe and I'm so used to wearing face masks inside and out, I don't feel it is some burden to continue. I definitely don't feel its some government secret mission to enslave me or if I use 5G which is available evil minds are not finding ways to enslave me or do even worse things.

Then it comes to getting covid vaccines. I've read a person that has said,

the covid thing is not real. I don't know anyone who has it. Why should I get the vaccine then?

With that line of thought, it is very easy to see that this person does not believe in Polio or Smallpox or any of the other things people get vaccinated over. Instead it is all some secret mission to make us slaves of liberal media and the deep state which wanders around the halls of power grabbing souls that use 5G because they are weakened and more apt to be taken.

I don't really mean to make light of all this because it is so sad really that even after so many deaths in the world that a person relies on the tired argument,

if I don't see it with my own eyes it does not exist

I guess love and hate and peace and ideas and wonder fall away with that approach as well since no one can see any of them. I believe that person will most likely contract covid out of sheer stupidity. What's the fix? Well, stop the person from entering any store or restaurant or public place without a covid vaccine form. No food, beer, fun, vacations, buying or renting things without it. No jobs or social life without having it. No promotions or new things on the horizon with out it. Lets just lock down the entire country IF a person does not get the vaccine. Make life a hell on wheels for them. Want gas for your car? Got a covid vaccine?

So that's what I ruminate on over morning instant coffee. One reason I came back here was to get the Pfizer vaccine or whatever one some kindly pharmacist said I could have. I don't have time for the "I got to see it to believe it" crowd. You can blame it on Trumpism or republicans or red states or stupid governors like those in Texas and Florida but the real thing is its choice. We have choice. My mom would say,

even if you don't choose you have made a choice

So live it or live with it like someone way back when told me.

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