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Sunday Morning Blogorama

It came to me I have been back in the United States for 2 weeks. I left Hanoi two weeks ago Saturday after living pretty happily there for over a year. I lived in the same place in a small room on the 4th floor for over a year. It was a happy existence. It seemed everyone that came in to live there spoke really good English so we would all go out to eat but I also had these times of sitting on the 5th floor balcony rain or shine watching the evening kick in. Hanoi is so different than here and it has taken me awhile to get used to being back. But in honesty when I say that I don't mean it. I will never get used to being back here. Just a whistle stop though for me. In about three weeks or so I will leave California and then toddle along on Amtrak to Chicago. I'll do about 4 stops along the way. Much like my earlier trip down Taiwan where I stopped a week at a time in four cities along the Taiwan High Speed Rail line, this time I picked 4 places to go basically. Each one is about 10 to 12 hours or less distant on Amtrak. Then when I reach Chicago I take a week there to walk and take a bunch of memories, moments, and experiences with my iPhone. I thought about getting a camera but the real thing I do is like this video says. I want something to just take my moments with. I'm not a professional or even amateur photographer thank goodness. I'm just a memory and moment maker.

I do enjoy finding the smaller things when I go. Like a building shape or sign or window or a certain geometry or color because I feel they are overlooked in the rush to find the next fantastic scene or landscape or bird or thunderstorm. I've felt the little things tell bigger stories than we ever think. Side streets and alleys and signs and every day things. That's what I enjoy capturing. Pictures of food and beer and living and friends and places. All of these combine to create my moments and there is nothing better for me than an iPhone 12 Pro at doing what I want. So you can look forward to seeing the train trips as I see them and the Amtrak food and people and the little things that I feel all combine to make up moments.

daughter calling

Last night my daughter called me which was nice. She was out partying with friends and sounded a little happy or perhaps drunk and happy. The conversations sometimes go like this,

Hi dadst. I love you. I was just thinking of you. Yeah I am okay and I love you. Do you happen to have... Well could you help me with...

Of course so I sent $50 on PayPal to her. Then we plan on meeting on Wednesday for lunch again at this American BBQ place we enjoy across the bay and closer to where she lives. We will eat and maybe even have a beer together.

life arriving

Always arriving just at a pace and place of my choosing. I don't rush to find anything and I studiously ignore time and space to things. I was going to go out for breakfast but I got lazy and decided to instead go for a late lunch and a nice walk and then eat at Nations Burgers again because I saw their Onion Rings. Like yeah! Another memory to capture. Huge Onion Rings. The burgers are wonderful creations as well and they have freshly baked pies by the slice. Nations is like this all you can find restaurant starting with breakfast.

Sunday coming and going

Sunday comes and goes here in Daly City. I'm lazy today so I will not do much or as my friends in Vietnam say,

Uncle Mike only do what he wants and maybe not that

Hahahaha. I stopped doing. Its easier to just be. The doing just comes along. My friend J and I laughed at all this because its this life he wants. He left IT behind because it did not offer anything to him any longer. So many of my friends have bailed on it. So we met and drank numerous Anchor Steam beers and talked. I stayed longer for a few more beers and he had an engagement to reach. I just sat. Sun shining people rushing because SF is enjoying a tourist renaissance of sorts. More people and high vaccination rates. Restaurants open. People in the afternoon sunshine walking along the waterfront area. Me sitting watching.

I'll do what I want. Maybe not that.

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