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Coffee morning thoughts

Coffee morning thoughts

Today decided first to walk to one breakfast place but then changed to have the always great American food breakfast at Nations Hamburgers. From where I am staying it’s over a mile walk with gentle hills to any place to eat. Today I also went to target and bought some more clothing. I upsized my duffel bag and moved beyond the carry on size to a nice and cheap 65 liter bag. I’ve felt for awhile like I should have a bit more room to carry stuff. This is the new bag I bought.

It will hold more stuff and be easier to carry but it means no more carry on. At the rate I’m moving around I think this bag is a better value for me.

Now it’s the coffee part sitting outside at Starbucks. I don’t care for Starbucks at all but it’s the only coffee shop to be had really. There’s just no upside to them. Coffee is so so. Prices are high. It does give me time for coffee thoughts. Last night I was so happy to get a call from two Vietnamese friends in Ninh Binh province. We chatted for an hour about their lives and mine.

Wonderful people and Sunny’s smile says it all.

I drifted off to thoughts about ninh binh province. Now with the picture I have wonderful memories of dear friends in Vietnam. It also inspired some thoughts too before I left. Sunny had asked me to travel with her to see Anan in ninh binh but it could not happen because of my leaving.

Coffee always turns me in different directions like one of those weather vanes. My vane points east and west and soon south. Perhaps my vane does not respond to the wind and weather but to memories and experiences.

Jeff asked me what I would do next and perhaps I channeled Winnie the Pooh when I told him,

I don’t know. But I might when I go.

And the same with this life of mine. I don’t know. And I may when I go. Coffee time percolates on. Sitting outside gives me some latitude to watch even more people and engage my armchair anthropologist. He tells me to sit back and go slow. There’s no rush when there’s no place to be and the coffee is hot.

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