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Park days

Today I went to get some stuff I ordered from Amazon. I’ve been looking for this shoulder or messenger bag to walk with but also carry my MacBook Air. I found a decently priced bag that will hold all my travel stuff like kindle, papers, a few cables and my new MagSafe battery charger for the iPhone. This one device does away with the need for a power bank or portable charger since I only have the iPhone I would wish to charge on the go.

The goal was a bag which would do all the things for me plus let me eliminate the bulky but nice North Face Borealis backpack. I think this bag does that but time will tell.

Then I decided time to visit a park and sit in the quiet and peace and solitude of no Airbnb chatter. So I found this place which is nice.

The park is no place in particular with nothing but a few benches and a mom and her baby playing. It’s quiet and I can sit and feel the days slipping away in California. I have two weeks to go here.

Tomorrow back to see my daughter for lunch again. Then the following week I get the second vaccination. Then a week later I start the Amtrak journeys. I think there are bunches of places I am looking forward to but Chicago has to be the big one. My Airbnb there is a few blocks from the lake and many restaurants and coffee houses. I have a week to do nothing but walk there.

I’ve felt for awhile I won’t be coming back to California. Like some doors close here and others open. Some times you don’t even notice the door gently shutting to some times. I felt that way last year here too. Right before Covid changed everything. It’s all ok now. I can sit and regard change not as a victim. As a wanderer embracing it. My friend Van told me to never say goodbye. But here it’s different. There’s nothing left and the door gently closing on my times. Two weeks to go and will do some Amtrak. And I’m excited to be on that path.

Now back to the park.

Still there and that tree still cranes to reach up and down. Like my feet going. Not just forward or backward because it’s not my direction. In fact there is no direction. And that’s the best of all.

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