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Charging Things

As it is now, I have only one device that I can charge without buying a wireless charging case for my AirPods. I've been looking at both the Anker MagSafe and the Apple one a bit but decided only on one to use and its the Apple charger. A few things got me and none are capacity or charge related solely but may touch on them.

  1. Integration with the OS on the phone. I like how Apple integrated the battery pack with the phone completely. It creates a nice and special bond between them but at 5w only when doing wireless. It also doubles with the same integration as a puck for charging when plugged in.
  2. Accepting that it will not charge an iPhone 12 Pro completely. It is not why I bought the charger. I bought it for the piece of charging to carry me over not to set the phone done and let it reach 100%. Yesterday it went from 25% to 60% after I was done drinking and eating downtown. Enough to get me home and still some.
  3. Using it when plugged in means it becomes a dual use device with 15w of charging. That's nice because I don't have a regular MagSafe Charger.

I bet lots of people will not buy it because of the small and measly battery. And that's okay because everyone has a use case scenario and for me it will be simplicity and I wanted how the device and the iPhone both support each other. The best thing with either is they can charge the iPhone when plugged either as a traditional puck or reverse charging with the iPhone charging the battery. It depends on how you want to use it.

What would be nice is if the charger did more but like the Verge pointed out it would have to be more. We are limited by physics and the laws that bind us. For me, the apple charger works and I bought a type C charger for my bag when on the go so I can charge quicker and use it plugged in at coffee shops as the traditional puck. I chose for this the Anker Nano charger with type C connectivity and then an Anker cable to upgrade some seriously old stuff I carried in my bag a long time.

That's my charging story. Are you charged up? :-)

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