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Morning Coffee Thoughts

I think most people perhaps dwell over coffee in the mornings. It is such a simple thing but I have always felt that the coffee in the morning brings me to both the day ahead and then writing some in Day One which has been the morning companion with coffee for almost 900 entries now. I've tried to switch to another diary or journal app but the feeling of the app being tailored for writing and reflection is just not there. Often over coffee I will read the entry from a year ago just to see the stuff I obsessed over then. I read once someone should not write things in their diary they do not want others to read. I fail at that on a daily basis.

If there was a coffee themed template for Day One that would operate only at set times that could be interesting. Perhaps its a neat idea to have themes or templates come up based on the time or the activity one does when writing in the journal. I think the majority of mine would be at parks, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, on transit so perhaps the themes or templates would be related to wandering around with no set destination.

Perhaps something like this when I checked in on Day One as being on a train or it could somehow record my activity or things. It would be fun to see this prompt show up if Day One had a way to know,

yes the old retired guy is on a train!

Maybe a dream percolating around over coffee in an airbnb as some people check out and leave for their lives. A couple heading to Texas after a vacation here. A guy flying to Puerto Rico to start a new life being a man of leisure. A nice couple originally from Taipei starting school in the fall and imminently excited. All came and went and I sit here with the morning coffee thoughts and Day One patiently waiting for me to complain, highlight, retrospect, introspect, or discuss what I could and may not do this day.

Day One truly is my end game for things. Others are pathways but it is here where the wandering feet meet the road or rail or path or city.

Here's to my coffee, instant though it is. And a life often not so instant. Wandering slow means no instant fulfillment almost like instant coffee could do if it would just taste a bit better. I don't mind though because coffee is.


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