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Sun Strikes Through

Sometimes in Daly City, it takes awhile for the sun to find the way. A lot of the time it is foggy here and cooler. A friend B calls it the 415 fog. The 415 being the area code many phones find themselves in. I lived here before in the way back machine and I could sit at a big window and watch the fog roll in. Slowly but yet suddenly the view lessened and the temperatures would drop. Locals would just continue to do the play or work whether the sun strikes through or not. T shirts and shorts on display.

Riding on BART for about 30 minutes will give you San Francisco to the north or you can even go to San Bruno south and find blue skies and warm temperatures. I have not been to San Bruno in some years but the view north is always nice.

Now with the restaurants, bars, malls and coffee shops open, its fun to realize many of the places have established outdoor seating as well as indoor. The restaurants will offer seating under tarps or umbrellas and often with gas heaters going to keep it all reasonable when the sun goes down. In a way, it reminds me of the scenes around Hanoi when we would sit out and eat dinner at Mystic Cafe by West Lake. I've always found the scenes outdoors to be conducive to beer drinking especially at Gotts in SF and all the wonderful little cafes and pubs and restaurants I frequented in Hanoi. I would often go in Hanoi with Vietnamese friends and we would sit and drink after food and just feel this incredible wonder at finding ourselves ensconced by mighty West Lake when it decided to put on a show.

I also always wanted to share the moments both of the sun doing a dance and finding the time to leave us for a day and then creating this wonderful tapestry of color we call sunset.

both places alive

Both places have created these wonderful scenes played out now in San Francisco for me and in my recent memory living in Vietnam for the years but really all over Asia at places I managed to find myself. I have been in awe of this power of sun and setting sun for so long. I imagine the prehistoric hunter gatherers in awe and wonder but also deciding to forever walk toward or away from it for a season.

In one place I feel though the sunsets would thrive as though a force propelled them to create the scenes of wonder. At a beach in Cambodia I would stand enthralled by the sun and the exit strategy it gave us. Otres Beach was a thing of beauty and I often would walk the beach both when the sun struck down and when the day was done. Here are a few scenes of both for you to decide.

Sun and sky and water and blue meeting to both extents.


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