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Last Morning in Daly City

My last morning at this Airbnb. Has been a really nice stay here with a number of places to eat I've enjoyed immensely. The walking here has been fun too with a number of hills which either take me to places or away from them. Today I relocate to downtown San Francisco for a week at a nice boutique hotel. Originally, had decided to stay at another Airbnb in Oakland but at the last moment cancelled and got some of my money back and booked a room for 6 nights downtown. I don't know why I did this. I just felt like it 😀.

My arm started getting sore later yesterday from the second Pfizer jab and this morning it aches a bit. I also had some slight fever and chills sleeping. Same as last time. I will do some gentle restorative yoga this morning to help.

In the next week or so, will traipse around the city and pick up swag gifts for friends in Vietnam. They all want t shirts which say San Francisco on them some way or another. There is no lack of places to find such gifts.

Then on Monday next week, I catch an Uber to Emeryville Amtrak Station and start adventuring working my way east first to Reno. I have 5 other stops which I will take a few days each at and then a week in Chicago. After that I ride back to Albuquerque New Mexico and stay a week. It dawned on me I had only used 6 of the USA Rail Pass Segments out of 10 and still had days left so I booked a round trip ticket to Flagstaff Arizona. I have not been to many of these places since I went to Graduate School in New Mexico in some other lifetime.

getting done

I had one thing I wished to get done here and one thing I wanted to do. I did both of them. Now my time ends in Daly City and I find myself again with a week to bum around in San Francisco. First some coffee here and then will be time to catch that Uber. I almost always start to type Grab but its not here. I did use Uber last night to get some ice cream because I felt like giving myself a treat. Today Uber takes me to BART and then I ride up some stops to the Powell Street Station and walk about 10 minutes to my hotel. I cannot check in right away so will go for a stroll in the city first.

Bye bye Daly City.

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