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An order to go

Today is one of the many days I spent doing little or nothing. Went for a nice walk and now eating dinner at a Thai restaurant I happened to find. Restaurants here are open for dining in which is very nice.

Sometimes thoughts swirl around I feel like writing here. I don’t start these things with some decided topic or idea. I don’t think I ever did that except for a few posts on a long ago Wordpress blog where I talked about some linux things I played with which I would then write up or down or something. Now it seems the blog springs to life with words often not remotely connected to each other. I don’t know if others schedule or plan or write drafts upon drafts. I cannot do things like that because no matter how much I plan or want to write a thing, other thoughts come rambling down. Apologies up front for the detritus of the blog. It all starts with noble or not so noble ideas but erodes to a bunch of barely connected nothings. Anyways here is more as I sit finishing my Thai iced tea.

I’ve reached some zenith with reading on my kindle I think. I bailed on real books some time ago when I carried this load of books to India to read when I moved there. In retrospect the carrying of these thick tomes was not needed because I found a really nice bookstore in Chennai which had plenty of books. Then I was kinda stuck with the books plus I bought some other books. The idea of the kindle then came along after living in India for almost all of 2009.

I also reached a point with writing in day one where the words almost spring out when I open the app. Writing there is like perhaps a chronicle of sorts of a life spent going nowhere, finding little things along the way, reaching to a point in my life where memories, moments and experiences mean more than time and space and stuff.

I also have gotten back the joy of slowly wandering as I want. Like steps taken forwards and backwards and sideways. I can transit the world I want and find a measure of joy in the search. I kinda relaunched the whole go slowly with no purpose thing with the train trip starting next Monday. The world is full of way too much purpose and meaning. Edward Abbey once remarked,

I must confess that I know nothing whatsoever about true underlying reality, never having met any.

It has made me see that there is no underlying reality at all and that purposeless movement is perfect for train journeys. On the train we don't wait for the destination when we have the world moving by at a pace you can sit and relax with in the observation car. We book and go and arrive and depart with way too much frequency. We never stop and move slowly or not at all. This is probably why I gave up on things like todo apps, reminder apps, second brain apps, most notes apps although I do use Apple Notes to keep a few things. They all wanted me to be productive and make lists of things with cute little bullets or numbers before them. Priority or descending lists or GTD or whatever other stuff seeks to bring reality and purpose when I don't want any.

So there you have it. Did you want that order to go?

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