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Just a draft Kirin beer away

Life’s all about reaching something a little beyond the grasp. Maybe for beer. I can always move the beer closer but there’s the real beer and then there’s the ideal beer. The real beer is served by a busy but friendly waiter. The ideal beer lives in some idea factory. Sometimes it was the beer on the fifth floor in Hanoi I did not drink one night but could have. Another time the idea of the big draft Sapporo beers in Kuala Lumpur at the little bar by my hotel. Or perhaps the big bottles of tiger beer I could almost see in Singapore at the hawker center I would get noodles at.

The real beer was always in reach and most often cheap. The ideal was some wondrous nectar which delighted the taste, soothed the day and always brought the night into or out of focus.

In the Mojave Desert and the Eldorado National Forest some little bar that served the real thing but us archeologists always dreamt of that cold Budweiser forever held just out of reach in the Julys of our lives.

The real and ideal. Now I sit on a street with cold Kirin draft beers. Weeks ago I remember sitting in Hanoi with my buddy Paul drinking all day long to send me off. The real and ideal kinda crossed over then.

Cheers to you all. May you have the best of the real and the ideal comes to you too. But then it’s not ideal any longer. It’s real. You’ll need another ideal. So get the F out there and make one just beyond your today reach.

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