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San Francisco Times

I've been here in SF at the hotel for a few nights. It is really a nice and laid back property which qualifies as a boutique hotel I guess. I love the old elevator dating way back. Slow and stately with a nice plaque about its history and construction. Some of the reviews on says it would fail at times but all has been fine here. Just have to be patient.

The days sort of blend together and since I'm here a week with no real things to do besides some shopping for friends in Vietnam, I don't have some particular goals in the city. I think it is easier to not have goals when just hanging around during San Francisco times.

I do like looking to see what I can do about breakfast. I think this morning will try this cool sounding cafe up the street from the hotel after some room coffee and a banana. Breakfast can be fun here. I found a nice bagel shop which does all kinds of sandwiches and regular bagels with different spreads. The cheese and jalapeño bagel was quite good toasted with classic cream cheese!

I am going to go meet one old friend and her husband Sunday for lunch in Oakland. I worked with R decades ago at the GAP and then again at this linux startup and one more time at a socially minded startup. I did these little professional services projects for them with clients which was fun. We helped different social and non profit groups get Linux going in their environments with things like web services, mail, etc. Many of the companies were beholden to Microsoft then and they were getting ripped off since Microsoft saw no reason to help them even if they provided support to people in crisis. Linux just seemed to fit their endeavors better. So I will get to see R and her husband P this Sunday and we will vicariously relive and revisit all the times and places we worked together and she will tell me about their upcoming move out of California.

Finally in San Francisco times this week is just the wandering around the city with no clear destination to reach. I just like walking the hills and by The Embarcadero here. I may end up one day at Fisherman's wharf to find some t shirts for friends and then find a DHL or Fedex office to ship them to Vietnam.

So that's it for San Francisco times. I doubt I will return to California any time in the near future or even the far future if such a thing exists. Although I lived here for decades there is nothing that binds me here or makes me want to come back again. I was here last year and ended that trip with a Amtrak ride across the US. This time I ride Amtrak in the west and mid west over about a month or so.

The end of San Francisco times beckons. I'm glad and sorry at the same time. I like some of what the city offers. Other parts like the memories are only good for the beer soaked times.

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