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Day turns to night

Friday night and I sit at a pub with a Drakes Hefeweizen and maybe another. I had dinner at this diner with a story. The Pinecrest was in the news years ago with a murder over eggs.

It’s still kind of a no nonsense diner. You go in and order and the food is superior but folks kinda keep to themselves. The meals can come with homemade salsa. The bacon cheeseburger with fries and fresh salsa is nice. Then I jaunted to a pub to have some beers. Now the evening slowly makes the claim and I will have one more and go home. The last weekend emerges. Tomorrow is like today. Nothing particular besides walking and enjoying. Perhaps breakfast at another local diner. I think there should be a saying.

Want to know the food of a place? Find a diner with a story or with history.

Serving since 1965 should be a clue perhaps. There’s a reason it lasted through the days. Sometimes like pinecrest the local lore takes over and perhaps people look at the history. Or maybe instead the food talks. You venture in. Assailed with sights and smells and attitudes you stick it out. And it was a good thing you went from day to night there. History came back and maybe you will too.

But you can find your own day to night. The story here belongs to me. You want me to share? It will cost. Tell me a story.

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