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Friday with the Quill Editor

I usually write about 90% of the blog posts using IAwriter. For me it is a comfortable editor and writing experience and publishing is zero effort. Combining photographs with images is really easy but I like trying other tools that simplify creation. Quill creates a very minimal experience to publishing to and it can include photographs. Since it runs in a browser I can bookmark the homepage or dashboard in Safari and return when I want to write. 

Some posts I like using IAwriter because I can start them in a morning and publish later or just add or delete stuff. I don't really plan the content but I could start a post with some idea and then just write more later with some completely different idea. The other posts I like to write are like this which will be posted and published soon I think :-). 

Another nice editor I really like is Taio but publishing is not so straight forward to One has to create a post, maybe add an image or upload it to and then copy and paste the image URL into the text editor. Finally start a draft post and then add in the contents. By comparison Quill is a single stop as is IAwriter.

Anyways, this is just the way I work. I prefer just the blogging experience on and how it publishes directly to my mastodon instance so I look for tools that maximize that experience and use. Quill is one that is pretty cool and basic to use.

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