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Television Days

It is nice to be in a hotel room with cable TV. I've not watched any television for some years I think besides brief respites in hotels in Vietnam where I could watch a variety of adventure shows, comedies, reality shows and news. All in Vietnamese for the most part. There was always a news channel though in English and in hotels in Saigon I could watch movie channels. I am just not a movie fan. I also don't do Netflix or Apple TV+ or any of the streaming services. I subscribe to Youtube Premium though because I get more joy from their selection and it satisfies all my TV requirements most times.

Now though being in the Palihotel and after a nice breakfast of eggs, potatoes, country sausage, and toast along with plenty of hot coffee; it has become a television day for me. I don't have one thing to get done today. Yesterday was a good day seeing some things I have not seen in quite some time here. I still want to make it to Fisherman's Wharf so perhaps that is a tomorrow thing. I will do my usual stuff I enjoy so much walking, doing some gentle yoga and practicing meditation here but I am inclined toward laziness so I probably won't end up doing much today.

next steps

I only have two nights left here and then I go. I don't believe I will make it back to California for a long time. I don't particularly like it here to stay longer than a month or so. Getting going on the Amtrak train voyage and riding the trains stop to stop will be something different. Ending in Chicago for a week at an airbnb will let me explore this city I have not seen in a long time. Then finally ending in New Mexico and finishing up with the USA Rail Pass will be nice. I will have used 8 out of 10 segments and will have reached 30 days just about which is the time window for the rail pass.

Tourism seems to be very good here in the city.

People wandering and eating and drinking. Good things to do here. But I'm ready for this little next step to thing and now I'm at the last weekend here. Tomorrow I go to see my old friend R and her husband P. Very excited to see them before I go. I worked with R at the GAP at the San Francisco campus doing IT stuff way back in 1995 to 1998. Amazing times! R would also go to Linuxcare and then we worked together at a startup focusing on social causes she started.

Another next step is seeing my buddy N and her husband G in Austin for some days before I leave the US. I worked with N at IBM Global Technology Services doing large scale cloud projects and programs for a variety of customers in what was called the industrial sector. Now I get to see N and her wonderful guitar playing, singing, and poet husband G again. I hope to persuade G to sing and play the guitar for me. G was instrumental in the Austin music scene from way back when.

Fun next things for sure.

Now back to Television days!

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