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Last day in California

Wow. Tomorrow I start the whole Amtrak journey. Today though I get to see some old friends and my daughter again. Tomorrow, I get on the first Amtrak train at 910am that will go from Emeryville to Reno. I take two days in Reno just for fun and perhaps some gambling. Have not been in Reno for some bit of time.

Now though its coffee in the room time and watching a little TV news again. The hotel offers free coffee in the mornings with pastry items so I may do that. Have to ride the BART to the east bay around 11am so will head there. BART is easier now with clipper cards being in apple wallet. Just put the iPhone down on the clipper card scanner and all done!

Once I get going, even slowly, on Amtrak, I will do:

  1. Reno
  2. Salt Lake City
  3. Denver
  4. Omaha
  5. Chicago

Each one is for a few days until I reach Chicago where I spend a week in an Airbnb by the lake. I have not done this route and going to Chicago seemed particularly easy given the distance between each of the places. The USA RailPass gives me 30 days to go 10 segments so arriving in Chicago I will have used 5 of the allocation.

The longest ride by far is from Chicago to Albuquerque. But I offset that by spending a week there. I decided to use up two more segments by riding Amtrak for a few days to Flagstaff and back. That will just about get me to the end of the 30 days and I will have used 8 segments.

I'm pretty excited about going because I feel I've spent my time in California. Had a pretty good time, got the Pfizer vaccines, ate some good food, drank some beer, and have seen a few friends here. The walking was quite nice both in Daly City and here.

After today, the blog will focus on pictures and blog posts from the destinations plus whatever else I feel like writing.

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