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Day Two - A day of walking and bad air

Good morning from Reno! Had some breakfast which continues the love for American food breakfasts at the Casino coffee shop. This time scrambled eggs with spinach, onion, burger and some hashed browns. For some reason the cosmic combination of eggs and potatoes always seems to get me going. But I also love pancakes and waffles. The other thing is bacon with all those things. Coffee is necessary as well. I found a Keurig coffee maker in my room with free coffees so this morning I partook of the offerings. All of this coffee though I must say pales in comparison to coffee in Vietnam. I've tried lattes and house blends and pour overs and under and through. I love coffee with breakfast in the mornings and the room coffee always tastes good. But just good. Coffee in Hanoi is a social endeavor. Here it is just a thing.

Anyways on to today's endeavors. I will go for a walk later to a local park and see some of Reno regardless of smoke in the air. Before will do some yoga which I really like doing in the mornings between food and walking. I usually do from 20 to 40 minutes of whatever I feel like that day but my old body really likes Yin and Restorative Yoga. I guess it has slowly changed me after 1.5 years of doing it. My friends R and P said I looked really good and flexibility, strength, patience, and even vitality seems so much better. I'm just an old retired guy though that likes the mindfulness which also includes walking and meditation.

So day two will encompass all that. But now it is all about the comfort and laziness of the hotel room with something droning on on Youtube. I got the Youtube premium deal for free for three months so I get no commercials or ads and it really does deliver what I want for streaming.

I've also been using the Anker Magsafe compatible battery on my iPhone 12 Pro toy. It is an interesting little device. One time it charged my phone all the way up from about 60% and the second it kept my phone at 80% until it ran out after some hours. I did not buy either this one or the Apple Magsafe to simply charge my phone each time to 100%. I bought them to maintain the charge and the Anker I think is best plus it has a type C connection so I could charge other things.

One other doodad is the Anker Nano charger that will do everything for me from my laptop to the phone to whatever. Its a small foot print thing and the plug ends fold up. Very handy for stashing in a bag.

Anyways, on to day the second and my only full day in the city. Bring on the sloth!

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