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Combination Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a combination day for me. First some breakfast and relaxation but then at 4pm I board the train for the 9 or so hours

I get in to Salt Lake City at 330am or so. That seems uncomfortable I think. So I called the hotel in SLC and asked them to just extend my stay so I can check in at 4am. I would rather have a room then and be able to relax and start the day when I want rather than waiting somewhere for hours and more hours. It is just the way the train works and it is the only one going so I don't really have choices. It really does not matter anyways. I just do the things which seem to make sense some of the time. Other times I have waited at airports for awhile like in Narita this last time.

I have a few days in SLC to wander around just like Reno except I stay longer there. I have never been there. I know someone that lives there now but I don't know if I will see him. Some other friends may come down to go to dinner one night but I don't know about that either. None of it really matters. I will just do what I usually do. Wander, eat, drink, take pictures and other times do absolutely nothing.

Since the train trip is in the afternoon and evening to early morning, I don't think much will be seen after about 9pm so but I want to sit in the observation car as I go.

I'll just leave this until tomorrow to post I am thinking so as to not ruin the cosmic order of the blog.

now its tomorrow... today

I had a fun evening doing some gambling last night and actually more than broke even which is nice. I spent about $140 and got back $185 on a slot machine that whispered goodness to me. Now the morning has come so I will go for breakfast at some point. I have to check out of the hotel at 12 and I don't think I really want to do more walking here because of the air quality issues. It is too bad really because there were areas I really wished to see but Reno area has had really bad air quality the last days.

Today at 4pm I get on the train for SLC and I spend some days there. My second stop along this route. Someone asked me where I was going and told them,

nowhere in particular

I kinda feel like this is the nature of the discussion P and I had at a coffee shop in San Leandro the other day. We are not always supposed to have some final place in sight and P told me stories about his hoboing around Asia with no clear plan or hitchhiking the US with no desire to get to a specific place. He held up a sign that said,


And he was in the east. Slowly he made his way west but it calls up this idea I had about the hobo in all of us or the vagabond many secretly wish they could do. Neither of us could understand why so many retired people put up with less when life out there still beckons with adventure. I just found this path for me and P has his path which involves finding his enlightened hobo with R. P does not want some end point where he walks to a corner Starbucks. Neither do I. Each of us approach it differently but perhaps in months we will meet in Panama.

It is worth it to just look at a map and see how I could wander generally in the south direction from Mexico.

I dislike planning so I penned the idea of the "no plan plan" but I also notice on the map how someone could wander south from Mexico and find Belize, Costa Rica, and then Panama. It is also interesting to compare the methods for US passport holders to enter. We talked about that too and most countries require no visa which is a good policy. Wandering and then meeting P and R in Panama would be ideal!

So we agreed that as their life wanders on and mine does we will always look to meet somewhere out of the US.

Now though morning time beckons with breakfast at Mel's Classic Diner a bit later. I desire one of the breakfast plates they have so will have to go. On tap later is SLC but that story awaits another blog post perhaps tonight or tomorrow.

I wish I could see more of Reno but the air quality just is not good.

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