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Second Amtrak ride - Reno to Salt Lake City, etc

The train last night was delayed for about 4 hours due to the fires. We got going at 730am and arrived in SLC at 630am. The train ride was really nice. We had one rest stop while still in Nevada but rest of the way we barreled right along.

I started looking at the hotel I had booked and decided spur of the moment to change it to another one. I found this really nice place where they gave me my room very early. Very grateful since I really wanted a place to rest. Then there was the breakfast included. Lots of eggs, potatoes, fresh homemade salsa, pancakes, juices. Just about everything. So after registering the front desk manager directed me to breakfast.

I rested for some hours and then decided to go for a walk. I always feel better when I can get out doing things and have the sun, wind, hopefully few people and just the movement. That all came true today. I took a few photographs of here and there just wandering these wonderful big blocks with old buildings, parks and lots of restaurants and stuff.

The walking in the city is really nice with all the sidewalks and park areas. I have never been to SLC before so I just tend to walk in any direction in places I have never been. I did not come to play tourist either. I just came here to come here actually. If I have no expectations of a place or thing, rarely do I feel any disappointment when a place or thing does not measure up.

Anyways, the first day was a continuation of a long night with a little sleep. Tomorrow I'll go in some other direction. Maybe Saturday I will see a friend that lives here.

That's about it.

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