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Friday morning in SLC

My second day arrives with the included breakfast at my hotel. Eggs, sausage, hashed browns and homemade salsa. Then some coffee and the morning looks all blue skies and good walking today. I think later after some time to relax and do a little morning yoga will go walking in the warm 90 degrees. Air quality is decent here. Cannot really see any haze today.

People come and check out. You ever sat and watched the hustle and bustle? I’ve realized time and again but it’s brought home sitting in the hotel lobby. Life is not meant for hustle. Or bustle. Or plans. Or lists. Or any of the things we choose to do or not. Life is far more lofty and basic I feel. We are meant to just be. One meditation instructor I really like stresses this. It seems on this Friday watching we are forever taken with things and time and space. We want to manipulate them with lists and reminders and todos. But life really is more basic. It is the sun shining out the hotel window in SLC. Perhaps a bird singing or the quiet green movements of grass. The trees and bears and whales know not our quiet desperation with events and things. They don’t keep calendars and lists and notes. They are busy with…


So on this Friday in this ephemeral SLC i can sit in quiet union and decide it is okay to be okay with all things as Jeff would say. Find your movements and serenades. Maybe it’s the quiet song you hear in the morning when you walk to the beach. Or the way a city holds and relaxes. And for me it is nothing and everything. Simply being in SLC on a Friday after the wonders of homemade salsa have set.

So go out there and just be. Destroy a list or a reminder today. You know what you really need. It has been quietly waiting. Hear the birds or the grass rustling or sighing of the morning in a big city. All your notes and lists avail not. None teach or remind you of the gentle art of being.

Being in SLC on a lazy Friday.

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