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Second Day of Wandering Salt Lake City

When I decided to do the train trip I guess still back in Hanoi, I wanted to take two routes on Amtrak I had not done before. I posted a map in a previous post about how working my east to Chicago looked. If you have an interest in something similar, I think this route is a lot of fun and you get a nice cross section view of the western US. The train stops allow one to see such a variety of cities and country and the stops are not too far apart for riding in coach if you get the Rail Pass.

Anyways, on to the second day of wandering here. I had decided to visit Temple Square which is a complex of quite beautiful buildings. I'm not religious but I love architecture and style and geometry so the layout and shape of the square intrigued me.

From the square I walked around the complex because it became apparent there were beautiful old homes all around the city.

I really loved the homes and properties around Temple Square.

Almost next door is a nice shopping center or mall complex which a lot of people enjoy visiting. There is a food court and many nicer stores.

All around the downtown are beautiful buildings and scenes of historic Salt Lake City. Ever since visiting and photographing cities like Hanoi, Saigon, and Da Nang Vietnam; I have enjoyed the play of old and new and this city does it very nicely. Finance, corporate, and technology companies dot the Main Street along with upscale restaurants and shops.

Wandering with no goals

Since I had no goals today, it was easy to decide when I was done. I decided then to head back down Main Street to the street my hotel is on. Walking in SLC is very nice. The sidewalks are very well maintained and many of the streets are simply beautiful with trees and small parks all around.

Wandering here is also easy given how the city is laid out. The streets are in squares and learning how the streets work is very easy. I use Apple Maps only rarely to find my way if I wanted a specific thing but I so rarely do that in most places because the sense of wandering is away from all order. I just want to walk a city, find the history and culture, see the people. Here in SLC it is pretty easy doing that since most people seem to be out and about on the beautiful summer days.

Tomorrow then onwards

Tomorrow I meet my friend Patrick for lunch at a brewpub here. I used to work with him at this startup company in San Francisco first and then in San Mateo. I have not seen him in some years. I'm sure we will talk about that company and the days we got there.

Then early Sunday morning I go back to the Amtrak Station and board the train for Denver. The train leaves at 330am so another early start. The hotel will give me a ride to the station so I get there in plenty of time. This is one of the nicest and most courteous hotels along with that homemade salsa served at breakfast. I love salsa! But it has been just about everything here. Checking me in early so I could rest, ensuring the room was to my liking, the breakfast buffets, and then ensuring I can get back to the Amtrak station to go to the next place.

If you are keeping track, I have two more cities to go before I spend a week in Chicago in an Airbnb. Next up is Denver and then Omaha. I have never been to Omaha so I'm excited to go explore there.

That's about it for my second day exploring SLC. I've enjoyed the city a lot. I love the architecture and history here.

See you tomorrow on my last day in the city!

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