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Let's Play Last Day

Today was it for me here in SLC. I have had a good time here. The hotel was exceptional. I'm doing some laundry in the guest laundry room now and will probably go pick up some McDonalds food for the morning since I have to get going so early in the morning.

Today was a most excellent day! I got to see my old friend and work comrade Patrick for lunch at Redrock Brewing. The restaurant is really a nice place and most people gather on Saturdays for beer starting early here. We sat and talked about the old days at this technology startup we met at around Linux appliances. His career in global and enterprise sales has led him to various and sundry big and small companies and at least once we almost shadowed each other. He worked at Symantec and I worked at Veritas. He was at Symantec before the split and I was at Veritas afterwards doing the data center and cloud programs to separate the companies. That was fun. Not.

The food offered at the brewhouse is very eclectic so a lot of fun to just see the menu and make choices of so many appetizers and lunch and dinner options. Fun times.

I also spent the day wandering around the city before and a little afterwards. I really like the architecture and how old and new come together in such interesting ways here. The walk today was through the downtown area by small neighborhoods with beautiful old homes and businesses and then the urban downtown. I ended up at the brewpub a few minutes early for lunch.

and then

Back I came to the hotel for whatever it is when you leave at 3am for the Amtrak train for the next stop which is Denver. I also found out I had to change my travel plans at the end because Austin Texas is not a good place to be because of so many reasons like low vaccination rates and stupidity with mask mandates being politicized. So this afternoon after my friend N told me not to come because,

its a war zone here Mikey

I decided to bail on it. Now I will stay in New Mexico a few more days which is not a bad thing. I lived there for some years going to Graduate School but have not been back for some time. I also added in a trip to Las Vegas New Mexico to see the historic and architectural digs there and stay in a historic hotel one night. Fun times!

So, next stop Denver for some days. I have not been there for some years. I will be staying downtown there so will see mostly that area plus the many parks and other attractions the city offers like good food and some beer choices.

Bye for now.

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