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Morning times are good

I like mornings with included breakfasts. The hotel here provides some very nice breakfast stuff. If I came back there’s no choice. I would stay here. Besides the wonderful food, restaurants are easy and the local convenience stores known as maverik are all over. They offer similar provisions as circle K or 7/11.

Now it’s the coffee and the last real morning in SLC. Will get to see a friend for a late lunch and then will do a few things like laundry since they have a guest laundry room and soap is sold right at the hotel. They actually have a little convenience store in the hotel. Very handy.

Next up is Denver tomorrow evening. I’ll spend three nights in Denver. I was in Denver some years ago but I’ve never wandered the city. Looking forward to all wandering.

but now

Now is the cool and crisp air of a Utah morning. Guests moving around the food. Blue skies shine overhead. Today there is not a single thing worth doing badly or well. I have thought a bit on how traveling like this allows me to simply do the one set of things I love. I love the act and art of just going. No cars or scooters or homes. Or debt. Just the feel of purposeless going. I have an old friend that traveled all over Asia for business. His world was airports and taxis and nice hotels. His notes were not about the going but the getting there. The movement as long as in business class with all the perks was incidental. Sitting in this hotel on this morning a wide chasm separates how he and I would go. He got to see the world an airport at a time. I much prefer to see the small Hems in Saigon, the little neighborhood coffee houses in Hanoi, and the trains that percolate along their own way. I can also engage the armchair anthropologist and watch people. Those that talk in hushed voices or the younger crew laughing and nodding. Some seem to wear their thoughts and feelings on the outside. Others wait for the toaster. Truth is,

You cannot hurry a toaster

And it gives me time to write this on my iPhone. Time to ponder and consider another coffee. Time to watch SLC slip away soon.

Another stop. A place to wander and hobo in. Is there anything better? My friend would say the wonderful meals at the intercontinental hotel in Tokyo. Each place, small coffee house in Hanoi or the incredible ANA Intercontinental has a place. Now for me it’s this Amtrak and this place.

When the morning times are good.

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