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Good Morning Denver

I got in last night after a wonderful day riding the Amtrak California Zephyr. Already posted lots of photos from that ride. Now I have three days to wander around before leaving Wednesday evening for Omaha.

I’ve done three segments of my Amtrak trip so far with two to go easterly. I’m especially excited to spend a week in Chicago at an Airbnb by the lake.

Some people asked if Americans were traveling and yes they are. The hotels in Salt Lake City and here are bustling with people. Some with masks and others not. For me, I west a face mask wherever I go inside or out. There’s no reason to not do the basics and a face mask does not stop you from breathing like Covid does. It’s shameful here how politicians have created their stories around masks. So wherever I go it’s face mask time.

Here in Denver there is no way to see it all in my days. Instead I will just go. Go and see and take photos of the memories and moments. Denver by far is the most active city so far. Lots of restaurants open and coffee shops and cafes and bars doing business seating inside and out.

riding the rails

If you have a doubt about the value of an Amtrak voyage I think it comes down to whether you are a destination type person or a getting there type. The destination type may grow impatient with the slow, sometimes stopped voyage. It is a focus for the destination person to get there. For the getting there types it’s the going that counts. The feeling for just going is exemplified looking out the window as the train slowly chewed the miles wandering through the Sierra Nevada mountains east of Emeryville or the Colorado Rockies out of Salt Lake City. The getting there person just goes to go. The destination person goes to get there.

I stopped being a destination person years ago. All the Southeast Asia places and especially Vietnam always let me see the value of the going. Walking some side street or a little park in Taipei. All brought back to me to just go. The Amtrak fits my ideal of this travel perfectly.

Maybe it does for you too and you will one day ride the zephyr. Feel the rails hum and that lonely, lonely whistle blow. For me it switches on the vagabond mode. I sit and the iPhone does the hard work. And the miles slowly melt. And it’s good!

So hello Denver. Thanks for the warm welcome. I’ll be around for a few days to do nothing.

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