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Today's Wandering in Denver

I had a particularly good day today walking around the city. I made it to the Civic Center Park which is a historic district with beautiful park and county and state buildings in wondrous old architecture all around the central blocks of the park.

I also just walked the city in whichever way I wanted to go. Denver has some beautiful old buildings. As I walked I would see another building I wished to go see.

This was one striking example I found. So beautiful and still being used and maintained. Like the Denver City Cable Railway building.

It seemed like wherever I walked I could find cool things to see like the Street 16 downtown mall where the street is blocked off and restaurants, bars, and coffee shops celebrate the Denver summer with food and drinks and outdoor seating. So cool.

I'll take another picture of the mall area because it is so cool looking.

So now just time in the hotel room to relax and watch a movie or something on YouTube. I was thinking back on just the beauty of some of the architecture and this place really got me too.

Anyways, back at you tomorrow with another full day of Denver stuff. I have no idea what I will do but I am gonna stop for a drink or two at 16th street mall downtown. Cool place and a good place for my armchair anthropologist to surface :-)

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