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Stalling out with the Anker Nano II Charger

Stalling out with the Anker Nano II Charger

I recently purchased the Anker Nano II Charger for my EDC bag. The thinking was to have multiple methods to charge the iPhone and MacBook Air. The one I got looks like this.

This is the Anker Nano II 45w charger with the folding plug. The charger easily fits into my cheap messenger bag I use for everything. I won't go into the bag specifics unless someone is interested but it fits the MacBook Air and all the cable doodads necessary for spending a day out like this one when I am between places and using the wifi and power at the hotel I just checked out of.

When I was in California I had decided to find something less bulky than the 4 port Anker charger I had which seemed to have troubles charging the Air and also charged the iPhone 12 Pro slowly. I'm not impatient folks but look at the size of the replacement I found. There are also lots of really good reviews in the wild on it. The big things for me were these:

  1. It will charge my iPhone 12 Pro fast with a decent cable. Yes it does! I don't notice the speed besides at a subjective level when it seems to go from 65% to 90% in no time.
  2. It will charge my MacBook Air at whatever speed it wants. This works really well too.
  3. The plug end folds in. I don't like adapter plugs where the plug stick out at all.
  4. Portability. This thing is seriously small and capable for being on the go slowly but forever.
  5. Coolness factor. Well I dunno about this one but it is rather cool looking so perhaps the old retired guy has an added coolness factor using a Nano II device :-)

The real thing though is day by day, train by train, station by station. Does it just work given cramped locations? You know some hotels position electrical outlets where they just won't do justice to laziness and sloth on the beds while other provide a number of plugs but yet some will not work like here in Denver. In Vietnam once, the hotel had a single plug by the TV which was all the way over on the opposite wall. Around the bed was nothing. After a visit to the hotel manager, I got a power strip with a longer cord on loan so I could just power things up and lay in bed with the iPad watching movies. Now with the MacBook Air M1 battery life is so superlative I rarely worry about running out of a charge but it is still nice knowing the Nano II 45w charger just works.

When I'm stalled out somewhere and between things, really want the free wifi and power even with the MacBook. This this is stall proof and it will even power up my Anker Magsafe battery pack. Living in suitcases or messenger bags kind of requires multiple use devices and the Nano II really works out well for me in this regard.

So this is no real review and I am no real tech reviewer as you can see 😀. I just kinda know what works when it works or does not work. If you need something small, space is limited and you want a fun looking and seriously cool device, the Nano is nice. Especially if you are on the move. As I mentioned, the plug folding in was a distinct advantage to storing it in my cheap messenger bag.

Take care all. Nano to all! Not the editor either 😂. Bye for now from the lobby of the hotel in Denver.

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