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The Denver Union Station

Hi all. Our train got delayed so I started taking photographs of the Denver Station inside. Its very nice and they have a number of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and I wondered. Wondered how would the station inside look in black and white. So here I give you the look of the station. Reminds me of the old film noir movies. In some spots dark and moody and in others so wonderfully appointed. Truly a beautiful station! The light fixtures are all orginal and were preserved when they redid the building. The building is on the National Register of HIstoric Places. for reference here is wikipedia’s entry on the station…

I also met a nice young lady traveling home to Iowa that lives in Denver and she was telling me about the station and histories of so many of the wonderful old buildings. Train travel is always enlightening and often the waiting can be fun learning about the history and times of Denver.

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