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Memories moments and experiences

We all know our relationships with time and space also gives us distance. We measure the distance from one thing to another by some rules like miles or time spent getting there or both. What if we lose those though? What if the threads of our existence go beyond time and space and events and places and things? What if we are tied to it all by memories, moments and experiences. A silken thread that links me to my friend Teri or Red on the train or a funny moment with my friend V in Hanoi. Instead of measuring the time and space involved what if all things were somehow linked with these threads and sometimes we find a thread that carries us to someone. Maybe a person you know you will never meet again. But that thread does not end if you write even for yourself. It extends when I share my blog post on mastodon or a Facebook friend reads my blog and comments to me. The silvery thread has grown I think by many factors. Soon multiple threads extend out from a single moment. For us they are the triangle they binds us which I like to think of as,

Memories moments and experiences

I also blogged recently about travel versus vagabonding. Travel is time and space. Flights take so long to get there. A train transcends that and you see the triangle extend and new things like the view of Mt Fuji enlighten and maybe even confound you when you want the photo. Photos provide the measurement of all three to me. They link us all together and we can share our memories, moments, and experiences.

Just some thoughts from a coffee morning in Omaha. See the sky now?

The moments of rain slid through. Laughter strikes at a nearby table. The sidewalk still wet. And me? There is no time to do or not do a thing when I just chase after my triangle.

Take care all. Be well.

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