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Sunday is Chicago

Sunday is Chicago

Wow. Come Sunday I will have gone on the California Zephyr to my most eastern point. The Amtrak going back for me only goes to Albuquerque. I’ll do a short trip to Las Vegas New Mexico and back. I don’t believe after living in NM we ever went. I also decided to upgrade my digs since Chicago to Albuquerque is 23 hours of train ride. I got a roomette on the Amtrak for that trip. The old body needs comfort.

I've had some mighty good times on this trip and have seen such wonderful country. I had no preconceived notions about Omaha. Having never been here I did do a little reading online which I usually will not do. There's a wonderful area in town called Old Market which is filled with restaurants, pubs, stores and stuff. I went for pizza there today but will go back and take some photos of it. In this wonderful part of town with old buildings, cool food and drink destinations, and right downtown Omaha. For some reason, it reminded me of Pub Street in Siem Reap Cambodia. Pub Street is quite different but just the restaurants and pubs for some reason bring it to mind.

Anyways, one more day of seeing things here. I had wanted to walk the pedestrian bridge and visit one state I had not thought I would reach. A step inside Iowa! The bridge is simply beautiful and is a wonderful walk. All around it is history from Lewis and Clark as well.

So anyways, after a Saturday wandering around and looking at more stuff in some other direction, Sunday morning I get on the Zephyr for the last ride to Chicago. I have an airbnb a few blocks from the lake so I'll take time there, wander around and then a week later leave.

Seems amazing in about three weeks I leave the US. I've got six months taken care of and I sorta kinda looked at Belize for a few weeks. I think I will end up in Panama and hopefully then will see R and P there since P would like to just hobo around there, drink coffee, eat, and do not much else. I believe sometime in the first half 2022 I can go back to Southeast Asia hopefully. I'd like to get to Cambodia and see friends there again, sit by the Tonle Sap River and the Mekong in Phnom Penh and visit with my Khmer friend AV and see if my friends D and M can come down to visit from Siem Reap. I could just live there with a retirement extension easily. Did that before. But like Teri told me on the Amtrak, no plans are good plans. So I only look at things for brief moments in my hotel room here. Omaha treated me well. This Amtrak thing has been the best and I would highly recommend anyone taking the Zephyr from Emeryville to Chicago or parts thereof.

Time to do nothing. I do it so well but I have to stay well prepared. Now it is watching the evening march the way in out of my hotel room. Air is cooler out. Rain seemed to threaten and then back off.

See ya.

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