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Last train east

This morning right on time the California Zephyr arrived to take me to Chicago. About a 10 hour train ride. This is the last ride on the zephyr for me. From Emeryville to Chicago. Wonderful! I read that this is the most scenic of rides on Amtrak so if you want something from the heartland to the west this is probably the train to take.

It’s been a most wonderful journey moving east. Omaha is easily one of my most favorite stops. The best hotel had to be in Salt Lake City though. They went out of their way to make all things comfortable and accessible.

Now I will stay in an Airbnb in an area of Chicago known for Vietnamese cuisine. Life is good. Can you say Bun bo Hue? I think tonight will be Vietnamese food and perhaps many more.

Now the train rolls eastward. Train thoughts are on each moment of the spinning wheels and the gentle exertions of the cars. It is dark still and we go east. Soon the sun will come to us. Whistles gently moan. Quiet prevails.

Back later. Perhaps pictures of the ride to come.

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