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Walking Lake Michigan and Edgewater

Today was my first real day wandering my local areas. I really don't know Chicago at all so I just picked the direction to Lake Michigan to walk to first. The lake is just beautiful and very clean. The beaches are very pretty and the walking trails well kept.

I walked down the lakefront parks for some distance

After some distance I decided to walk to the nearest street and I found myself in a beautiful neighborhood. Edgewater is very stately with wonderful homes and apartments or condos lining the street. I just fell in love with the area and the old buildings, friendly people stopping to talk to neighbors or just about anyone, and the wonderful fenced areas which each had their own character.

Finally, I ended up at this really nice grocery store and bought some supplies I need for the week like fruits. Then walked back and had decided to take some time in my airbnb to get cleaned up and just relax.

I think a bowl of pho for dinner will be met and achieved tonight and then some beer.

today Little Vietnam and beyond

So I did this today like I wanted but I really got beyond Little Vietnam to some beautiful parks and walking paths and city streets which just seemed so beautiful. Some scenes just stand out to me so my iPhone conspired to make me me happy.

I found out on the Chicago Transit Authority website I can get a 7 unlimited pass to ride all the transit systems here so tomorrow will get one after breakfast. I will ride in some direction like I've done so many places like Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Probably the best place of all to do this is Tokyo on the Met Subway. Here though I have so many choices and Chicago is such a large city, that a week will will breeze by and I probably will have not done even a measure of the city. I felt that way in Hanoi and Saigon too. I always felt walking the cities that so many things probably existed on the next street over that it would take a lifetime to see a city. Taipei was like this as well.

Anyways, that's my day all wrapped up. Dinner and beers to come. Some sleep and repeat things with all enjoyment and fun intact.

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