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First Morning in Chicago

I had given some thought last night in my airbnb about my explorations round Little Vietnam today. Lake Michigan is so very close but so are a lot of neighborhood things I'd like to see so today will go walking and see how I do later.

It is still kinda early so enjoying some instant coffee and relaxing. Weather is simply stunning here. Beautiful blue sky days and the lake just shines. I got to see the weekend lake scene on my way to the airbnb. Today will get to see more of it on my walk in the neighborhood. I'm only a few blocks from parks and beaches.

I decided to just give today to seeing Little Vietnam for the day and then getting some Pho for dinner. Last night I had Bun Bo Hue which is one of my favorites. It has this wonderful spicy flavor with thinner noodles and I got this huge bowl. This morning I found a nice American food breakfast place and had pancakes and bacon. I really love Pancakes!

then there's tomorrow

Well, tomorrow for me has never really been a thing. By the time I'm ready to think on a thing, it is already today. So I will just put off tomorrow here. I have 6 more days to spend how I want in Chicago. I think a few days exploring the downtown as compared to the uptown where I am. The Red Line runs almost next door to my airbnb. Very handy. I can get a 7 day pass for the system for $20. Means transfers and rides all I want.

My room here is kinda like all other rooms I have lived in for years. Very comfortable for me. There are common areas I can use like kitchen and bathroom but I don't really cook much. In Hanoi my room was about the same size and I lived in it for over a year. Just a lifestyle I enjoy and the cost is always so much less. When I want privacy I got it. In Daly City I had a nicer room I guess but the conditions have never meant so much as how I feel staying there. It is easy for me to leave on Sunday for Union Station as well when I go to the next place.

Other things:

  1. Wifi is good. That's kinda important for me.
  2. Kitchen has the usual stuff in it. Nice Microwave which is good for the instant coffee.
  3. Space in the fridge for some fruit.
  4. Easy to come and go from the property.

With six more days, I just feel flush in moments to go see whatever it is I get to see. When I reach Albuquerque I will have about 9 days there with a side trip to Las Vegas New Mexico for two days but I may extend the hotel by one night and stay two nights or something. I would like time to see Las Vegas. It will be nice to be back in New Mexico for awhile. Just sorry for my friends in Texas and the issues the state is having with Covid now. It seems unbelievable with all the risks that the government in the state also wants to not mandate masks for kids that cannot get vaccinated. Schools may just become huge super spreaders for the unvaccinated. I end up spending a single night in Austin before leaving the US on 9 September.

Anyways, that's about it for the first day in Little Vietnam. To say that this feels cosmic is an understatement so I will just cut through all that and have Pho this evening :-).

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