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Morning Time in Chicago

The Airbnb on a Tuesday morning. This is my second day here so today will venture out and get a 7 day CTA pass that they are offering for unlimited rides and transfers on the system. There is a subway station about two blocks from my digs. Mornings here, the sunshine comes filtering in through the window in my room. Bright, no compromises, voices often drift through from nearby places.

When I got the week here, I wanted a longer stop in a bigger city to go play in. Food and beer and people and things to see. I think Chicago offers all those things. This neighborhood has so much variety and wonder in exploring. Vietnamese food places, small asian markets, down the street a nice store to get supplies. Breakfast places are pretty nice which is a concern in the morning for me. Now though easier to do some instant coffee in the room and a banana.

Often morning times are spent kinda looking at Apple Maps on my MacBook for a place I may want to go. This morning I looked at riding the Red Line toward downtown. This is called uptown just so you know :-). One of the forever present things in Chicago is Lake Michigan. It dominates the geography here. If you have never seen it, it is an immense body of water. Used as playgrounds, beaches, parks, walking trails, sports venues. When I rode the taxi here, the driver took the route by the lake. Simply beautiful to see! The driver told me about the areas we were going through. Places to eat, visit, have fun in. One thing of note is that Chicago like the other places I've visited is open! Restaurants, pubs, bars, malls. All are open but masks play a role here in entering. Many people wear them on the streets and I do too. Going in to places, masks are mandated. Malls and stores require masks.

So, in this grab bag of blog posts, with no real meaning, I wanted to just write the briefest tip of the thoughts on a Tuesday morning over instant coffee. I guess I could have called this,

instant coffee thoughts

But I did not. I did open the window and the morning breezes in Chicago here are fair and cool. Temperatures in the low 80s. Wifi is strong. Maybe will have a second cheap coffee and then wander out for breakfast.

Down the street is a liquor store where the beer is cold and the people are nice. I go there after dinners. Most recently Vietnamese noodles. Last night I had this immense plate of stir fried noodles with beef and lots of veggies. It was pretty good. Then a 5 minute walk back to the liquor store for a can of cheap beer and back to the room.

Now it is the morning and today is just starting for me. Morning time in Chicago in Little Vietnam. Sounds, people, music. All wafting through an open window. Not like Hanoi. Hanoi had this buzz in the mornings I thoroughly enjoyed. I miss a lot of that life this morning. The sound of the fruit vendors yelling about their mangoes. The bun cha restaurant always within reach. Horns and motorbikes always announcing and arguing. Who has the right of way in Hanoi? It all comes and goes this morning in Chicago. Places I've been and will go. Chimera on the wind. What there is is Chicago in the morning. Clocks simply tick but do not change the morning.

Okay. That's what I got. See ya.

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